Industrias Ectricol present at the José María Córdoba airport of Rionegro

________________Industrias Ectricol present at the José María Córdoba airport of Rionegro

INDUSTRIAS ECTRICOL S.A.S. participated in the electrical supply of an energy transformation center for the cargo terminal of the Jose Maria Córdoba International Airport in the city of Rionegro, Antioquia. A provisional mobile work unit was temporarily installed to supply energy to cold rooms with a total power of 630 kVA, which houses the substation elements such as the dry transformer, medium-voltage protections, low-voltage switchboard and interconnections. The purpose of the energy substation service is to avoid electrical risk since its metal enclosure protects the equipment and the lives of people who may be around it, is easy to move and is used outdoors for large projects or activities, as in this case. Our goal is to always provide security to our customers and reliably provide energisation of projects.

Technical characteristics:
  • Oil and dry transformer up to 630 kVA.
  • Metering and protection equipment for medium and low voltage.
  • Low voltage distribution switchboard.
  • SKID base in structural beam HEA 100 type.
  • Enclosure structure with side panels.
  • Doors that allow natural ventilation.
  • Metering, transformation and protection cubicle incorporated.
  • A roof that allows water to slide.
Energisation process
  • The medium voltage stretch of line is de-energized where it is installed.
  • A fuse type isolating system is installed where the provisional site is connected.
  • The connection of the provisional unit is made with clamps intended to operate in hot conditions and a stem type connector.
  • VLF tests are carried out.
  • The line is re-energized so that the provisional unit can start working.


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