Electrical power quality studies

________________Electrical power quality studies

The latest technological breakthroughs propose changes that lead to productivity and competitiveness, for this reason it is convenient to monitor and correct the essential conditions on which its activity is based. One of these conditions is the electrical supplying, which must count on basic parameters of quality, that only can be guaranteed under a constant control and understanding of its system.

By studying power quality through the network analyzer AEMC 3945-B, it is possible to identify network problems such as the presence of harmonics, sags, swells and flickers. It is also possible to measure reactive energy consumption in order to avoid penalties from the network operator, monitor loads in different periods of time and generally optimize processes while improving the profitability of your business. All of the above based on normative criteria such as:

RETIE, RETILAP, NTC 2050, IEEE 519, NTC 5001 among others.

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