Integral solutions for Transmilenio’ s new fleet in Bogotá

________________Integral solutions for Transmilenio’ s new fleet in Bogotá

Our pride continues to rise, as we are once again participating in projects focused on the social, industrial and environmental development of our country. In this opportunity we want to tell you about our participation in the infrastructure project that seeks to improve transportation quality and mobility in the city of Bogota, Colombia.

We began with technical and commercial advice for the design, supply and installation of seven non-conventional substations which would be housed in different Transmilenio terminals, in order to energize its new fleet of articulated buses through natural gas.

At the beginning of 2019, construction began on these substations, which would be part of the Transmilenio fleet remodeling project. The first substations that were installed were energized by diesel plants allowing the incorporation of the new fleet of buses in mid-June of that year. These substations are made up of a containerized transformation substation (11.4 kV at 460 V), transfers, capacitor banks, soft starters and equipment that guarantee the correct operation of the natural gas compression facilities that feed the articulated buses.

In September 2019 the first two substations were powered up, which are located in the new Transmilenio's terminal on calle 80, guaranteeing Industrias Ectricol's expertise in the construction of this type of solutions.

The substations placed in the Usme, Tunal and Calle 80 terminals are already in operation, guaranteeing power availability for the new vehicles, as they contribute to the improvement of the environment and mobility within the city. By the year 2020, it is estimated that the substations located at the Americas, Suba and Temporal Norte portals will be in operation.

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