First Wind Farm in Jepirachi, Guajira

________________First Wind Farm in Jepirachi, Guajira

Industrias Ectricol, is present in the first wind farm in Jepirachi, Colombia. Located in the jurisdiction of the Municipality of Uribia, in the Upper Guajira, between the Arutkajüi and Kasiwolin ranches, near Puerto Bolivar and Cabo de la Vela, Jepirachi, is a research project aimed to develop a new renewable and clean energy alternative for the country.

Empresas Públicas de Medellín EPM, has been the manager of this initiative together with the corresponding local and national authorities. As part of its maintenance and optimum operation objective, EPM has selected the solution offered by Industrias Ectricol in terms of Ormazabal's SF6 encapsulated cubicles to upgrade the Autogenerator.

The properties of Cells:

  • Reduced spaces
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Resistant to aggressive environments
  • Easy installation

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