________________Cubicles to house transformers


  • Cubicle designed and manufactured to house and protect dry-type transformers up to 36kV.
  • Ideal for preventing access to energized areas by unauthorized personnel.
  • They are located in electrical substations to avoid accidental contact with energized areas within the transformer.

  • Application sector

    Application sector:

  • Industry.
  • Construction
  • Infrastructure.
  • Telecommunications.
  • Oil & Gas.
  • Mining
  • Health

General Characteristics:

  • Manufactured under current regulations.
  • Dimensions according to the project needs.
  • Electrostatic painting.

Technical data:

  • Nominal voltage: Up to 36kV.
  • Ik Degree of protection: Up to IP42.


  • Rigid structure, easy to assemble and expand.
  • Adjustable to any size of transformer by adding just a few pieces.
  • Equipped with lighting systems, inspection viewer and ventilation grids for proper air
    Industrias Ectricol S.A.S,v develops its products in accordance with regulations:

RETIE Colombian Electric Code NTC NTC 2050

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