________________CGM.3 Secondary Distribution Cubicles

Cubicles with GIS technology, integral SF6 filling and vacuum circuit breaker for secondary distribution networks up to 630A, 36 kV.


Encapsulated substations in different configurations such as: ring or radial type.

General Characteristics:

The CMG.3 system equipment is made up of a set of modular, single or multifunctional and small-sized cells, for the configuration of different electrical distribution schemes in medium voltage, both public and industrial, up to 36 kV. The cutting, connecting and busbar elements are located inside a stainless steel tank.

Características generales:

Los equipos del sistema CMG.3 están formados por un conjunto de celdas modulares, unifuncionales o multifuncionales y de reducidas dimensiones, para la configuración de diferentes esquemas de distribución eléctrica en media tensión, tanto pública como industrial, hasta 36 kV. Los elementos de corte, conexión y embarrado, se encuentran dentro de una cuba de acero inoxidable.  

Types of cubicles:

  • Feeder (Input - Output function).
  • Fused protection.
  • Circuit breaker protection.
  • Busbar switch.
  • Medium voltage transfers.
  • Metering.

Technical data:

  • The cutting, connecting and busbar elements are located inside a stainless steel tank filled with SF6 gas and totally sealed for life. Its complete isolation makes it capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions (including flooding).
  • Long service life and absence of maintenance in live parts.
  • The metal enclosure of each cubicle, made of galvanized steel sheet, is mechanically rigid, which guarantees non-deformability and protection under the expected service conditions.
  • A properly interlocked front cover allows access to both the cable terminals and the fuse tubes (arranged horizontally) in a convenient and safe manner.
  • Full modularity and future extensibility in both directions through the ORMALINK set.
  • Safety of people, goods and equipment: Internal arc proof, according to IEC 60298.
  • Secure and simple operation, great ergonomics regarding the operating elements and the incorporation of additional interlocks.
  • Own cable trench without the need for civil work or placement of additional frames.
  • Voltage presence signal light indicator.
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