First Digital Electric Substation in Colombia

________________First Digital Electric Substation in Colombia

Once again, Industrias Ectricol stands out for designing and providing integral and innovative solutions to the electrical sector in Colombia. That is how, in mid-June of this year, 3 Shelter-type units with control, protection, communication and auxiliary service switchboards were supplied for the first digital substation in Colombia, taking a giant step in the transition from conventional substations to the use and implementation of digital substations for the ENEL CODENSA group. The PORTUGAL Substation 115/34.5/11.4 KV, is the first of several digital substations, scheduled to be implemented by Enel Codensa in the next few years and is located within the PTAR SALITRE, a crucial work towards the decontamination of the Bogota River.

A digital substation is where the processes of information acquisition, transmission, processing and output have been completely digitized. Its basic features are intelligent equipment, connection to communication networks, and operational and management automation

The Portugal substation is constituted by:

  • A control room for HV/MV substations to house medium voltage primary cubicles, AC and DC auxiliary service switchboards and control, protection and communication systems.

  • Room for MV/MV substations to accommodate the secondary cells on the 36 kV and 11.4 kV side, AC and DC auxiliary service switchboards and control, protection and communication systems.

  • INDUSTRIAS ECTRICOL contributed with the design and supply of 3 shelter-type units assembled to form a single metal structure with removable sandwich-type switchboards with mineral rock wool, as well as fire-resistant thermal insulation and the following characteristics:

    • •Joints and seals that guarantee structural stability as well as the impermeability of the enclosure.

    • •Lower lifting system to support the complete lifting of the solution with medium and low voltage equipment.

    • •Double doors with fire panic opening.

    • •Access stairs of 1.8 meters and platforms with safety handrails.

    • •Air conditioning system to maintain an internal temperature between 15°C and 20°C.
    • •Auxiliary service switchboard for interior and exterior lighting.

    • •Emergency lighting system.

    • •Fire detection system.

    • •Fire extinguishing manual system.

    • •Water drainage control from the hood to the bottom of the metal enclosure.

    • •Dielectric floor in non-slip material, resistant to the mechanical action from the possible transit of the equipment over this material.

    • •Suitable grounding devices for electric shock protection.

    • •Safety distances for personnel mobility established in the RETIE.

    • •Shelter-type metal enclosures comply with the Colombian Earthquake Resistant Building Regulations NSR-10.

    In addition to the 3 shelter-type units, Industrias ECTRICOL supplied the control, protection and communication switchboards and the AC and DC auxiliary service switchboards.

    We will continue to provide the best for Colombia's and South America's electricity sector!

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