Implementations The Electric Power Centers are integral solutions developed to distribute energy in low and medium voltage, allowing the user to set up in less time. During its years of experience, INDUSTRIAS ECTRICOL has managed to integrate energy distribution solutions and systems that preserve the excellent performance of equipment. Products such as power centers are the best option when looking for profitability, reliability, flexibility and also minimize the risk at the time of implementation, thanks to the fact that they are manufactured, assembled and pre-commissioned 100% at the plant.                                                                                 Characteristics
  • Plug and Play System
  • Low commissioning cost
  • Reduced installation time
  • Adaptable to customer needs
  • 100% factory tested equipment
  • Useful in temporary or permanent installations
  • Extended lifetime of equipment inside the unit
  • Compliance with minimum safety distances on energized parts
  •  Equipotential grounding system
  • Modular or compartmentalized systems that create controlled environments in medium voltage, low voltage, control room, battery room.
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