________________PFU Transformer and Surface Distribution Substations


  • PFS is a concrete monoblock enclosure for Surface and Internal Control Transformer Substations up to 36 kV.
  • Large infrastructures such as: Airports, railroads, tunnels, highways etc.

Application sector:

General Characteristics:

  • MV switchgear with integral gas insulation.
  • CGMCOSMOS system up to (24 kV) and CGM.3 system up to (36 kV).
  • Protection, control and measurement units (Remote control, remote metering, built-in control, remote management, etc.)
  • Direct interconnections via MV and LV cable.
  • Up to 2 MV/LV distribution transformers with integral filling in liquid dielectric up to (36 kV) and(1000kVA) unit power.
  • Lighting and auxiliary services.
  • PFU concrete monoblock building.
  • MV and LV cable input/output.


  • Option to include multiple MV distribution configurations.
  • Individual front door for each transformer.
  • Ventilation by natural air circuit, class 10, achieved through grids installed on the walls of the enclosure and the transformer door.
  • Personalized studies based on the data provided by the client.
    Industrias Ectricol S.A.S, develops its products in accordance with regulations:

IEC 62271 - 202 - IEC 62271 - 200 IEC 62271 -150 ENERSIS-ENDESA E-MT-023

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