________________Mobile Electrical Substation


  • Temporary installations developed to power both small and large projects, with the possibility of integrating elements of measurement, transformation and proximity to the power lines.
  • Its different applications and advantages minimize the economic impact of any project.

  • Sector Industrial:

  • Utilities and renewable energies
  • Infrastructure.
  • General Characteristics:

    • Manufactured under current regulations.
    • supporting estructure made of 12 gauge galvanized sheet.
    • Natural ventilation system.
    • Lifting system by means of a forklift.
    • Preparation of hoisting charging.
    • Finished at RAL 7035
    • Dimensions according to the project needs.
    • Electrostatic painting.

    Technical data:

    • Nominal voltage: Up to 480VAC.
    • Short-term Nominal current: Up to 65kA-1s.
    • Ik Degree of protection: Up to 10.
    • IP Degree of protection: Up to 66.
    • Rated current: Up to 5000A.


    • It allows the conditioning of each of its panel systems.
    • Its ventilation through frontal and rear grids enables natural ventilation of the transforming system.
    • It can be adapted with a skid that allows easy movement and manipulation./li>

    Industrias Ectricol S.A.S, develops its products in accordance with regulations:

    RETIE Colombian Electric Code NTC 1156 – ASTM D3359 - ASTM D4752

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