________________Kiosk type transformer stations

Implementations Miniblok and Ormaset are outdoor switching transformer stations used for distribution networks up to 36 kV.


  • They are compact prefabricated transformer stations, kiosk-type, surface installation (miniBLOK) with reduced dimensions, built as standard, tested and supplied from the factory as a unit, miniBLOKS are used on the following applications.

  • The miniBLOK and mini SUB are implemented in the following ways: 

    • Public and private distribution
    • Urban environments.
    • Industrial environments.
    • Areas with restricted or reduced space
    • Installations with incorporated Remote control, telemetering, integrated control, telemanagement, etc.

    General Characteristics

    A Prefabricated Transformer Substation is a product developed in accordance with the IEC / UNE-EN 62271-202* standards, and defined as: a set subjected to type tests, which involves an enclosure that includes one or more transformers, Low and Medium Voltage switchgear, connections and auxiliary equipment to supply low voltage power within underground networks from a High/Medium Voltage network or vice versa.

    Prefabricated transformer substations
    The correct design and operating characteristics of ORMAZABAL Prefabricated Transformer Substations are verified in accordance with the type tests described in the IEC 62271-202 regulation.

    • Factory assembly of internal equipment (enclosure, switchgear, transformer and interior grounds).
    • Product tested and tried as a unit.
    • High levels of safety for people.
    • Front internal arcs, incidental direct contacts, step voltages and contact voltage.
    • Equipotential work surface.
    • No access to hot parts. Integration with the environment.
    • Reduced environmental, visual and acoustic impact.
    • Excellent resistance to pollution and other environmental factors.
    • Ease of transport given its dimensions and reduced weight.
    • Simple installation, limited to the building's insertion into the excavation and the connection of MV and LV cables.
    • Fast electrical equipment changes.
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