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  • Designed and manufactured for all healthcare facilities where there is any risk of micro-discharge or where patients are undergoing vital treatment, such as delivery rooms, surgical rooms, intracardiac procedure rooms, intensive care units or in areas where flammable anesthetics are handled (hazardous areas), and in general where patients' lives are at risk.

General Characteristics:

    The typical insulation switchboard for hospital use, designed and manufactured by INDUSTRIAS ECTRICOL S.A.S, is built in a 16BWG caliber galvanized steel piece, electrostatically painted in grey RAL7035, which gives a perfect visual finish and ensures the highest resistance to corrosion due to the 400 hour tests in a salt chamber.

    It has a front cover made of stainless steel type 304, caliber 14BWG and assembled with a door that is attached to it through hidden hinges and a butterfly plate which guarantees access only to authorized personnel inside the switchboard.


Standard Board: Metal enclosure with stainless steel front cover accessible to the operator or user with its respective transformer and temperature probes, isolation monitor, repeater panel and input protections and output circuits
Duplex Board: Two standard boards in a single metal envelope. Adaptable to customer needs

  • Single-phase insulation transformer.
  • Current transformer to monitor the loadability of the insulation transformer.
  • Line insulation monitor.
  • Ground busbars.
  • Main switch on the high side of the transformer.
  • Plug-in switches for powering different loads. Typically configured with 8 outputs, expandable to 16.
  • Temperature probes to monitor the transformer windings, the patients' lives and the people who visit.

  • High security where there is some risk of micro discharge or in places where patients are subject to vital treatments
  • No access to energized parts.
  • Prevents the proliferation of fungi and germs.

  • Replacing internal equipment easily.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Ease of transport given its construction characteristics.
  • Cable entry and exit through holes in the top and bottom of the board.

  • Small dimensions
  • Reduction of environmental impact due to its clean manufacturing process.
  • Developed and manufactured in Colombia.
  • Aesthetically compatible with the environment.
  • Its design meets the requirements for use in hospitals and health care centers

  • RETIE Art. 20.28: Products used in special installations.
  • IEC60364-7-710: Low-voltage electrical installations. Part 7-710: Requirements for medical facilities or locations.
  • IEC61558-2-215: Part 2-15 Particular requirements and testing of isolation transformers for the supply of medical facilities.
  • IEC61326-: Electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use. Requirements (CEM), Part 1: General requirements.

Technical data:

  • Access Mode: Front.
  • Application Place: Indoor or outdoor use*.
  • Installation Method: Embed or Overlay*.
  • Back Box Sheets: Galvanized 16BWG caliber.
  • Paint Color Back Box: Gray RAL 7035*.
  • Paint Type Back Box: Polyester with textured free TGIC finish.
  • Front Plate: Stainless Steel type 304 caliber 14BWG.
  • Finish Front Sheet: Satin Gloss.
  • Degree of Protection: IP30, IK0.5.
  • Operating Temperature [° C]: 10 - 50 maximum.
  • Isolation Transform Power [kVA]: 3 - 5 - 7,5 y 10.
  • Maximum Nominal Current [A]: 125 A.
  • Installation Voltage [Vac]: 480 / 440 / 220 / 208 / 120.
  • Service Voltage [Vac]: 220 / 208 / 120.
  • Nominal frecuency [Hz]: 60.
  • Output Circuits[No]: 8 of factory expandable a 16.
  • Noise level: < 35dB.
  • Temperature sensor: PTC o PTC100.
  • Temperature threshold: [°C]: 0 - 200° By temperature sensor.
  • Trigger Threshold: Low insulation resistance 50-500k  hohm, Histéresis 10%, Baja impedancia de aislamiento (Desactivable) 50-500k  ohm, Histéresis 10%.
  • Auxiliary Voltage [Vac]: 115 - 230 +- 20%.
  • Maximum Measured Current: 1mA.
  • Output Relay: programmable functions NA-C-NC 5A, 250 Vac.
  • Communications: R5485, Standard Modbus Protocol RTU.
  • Remote Signaling Panel: Yes, with máx 2 in parallel without auxiliary source*.
  • Plates, signs and identification boxes: Yes, according to RETIE.

Industrias Ectricol S.A.S, develops its products in accordance with regulations::

RETIE Colombian Electric Code NTC 2050 – IEC 61439-1

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