Irotama Resort Hotel, Santa Marta

________________Irotama Resort Hotel, Santa Marta

Situated in the most popular area of the country for tourism, hotels and relaxation, surrounded by exotic beaches and at the foot of the highest snow-capped mountain by the sea, Santa Marta's signature construction project stands; the Irotama Reservado. A project that is part of a wild oasis with a natural ecosystem located on the shores of the Caribbean Sea, making it one of the most important hotels in the city, combining the tranquility of home with the comfort of an unbeatable hotel.

Irotama Reservado has become a very important project for the Caribbean area, that is why Industrias Ectricol is proud to be part of it, through electrical solutions based on the experience of more than 27 years in the industry. Our challenge is reflected in the engineering and development of optimized designs concerning switchboards and low voltage equipment, improving costs and spaces, offering high quality products adapted to the complicated alkaline conditions of the environment and manufactured in galvanized sheet.

Customer benefits 
  • Specialized technical advice.
  • Development of optimized solutions
  • Comprehensive medium voltage solution with ORMAZABAL products.
  • Product safety for harsh environmental conditions.
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