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We manufacture and develop mesh-type power centers for solutions where heat dissipation is controlled by an exchange of environment. Likewise, all the equipment inside the CDP complies with a degree of protection suitable to withstand conditions according to the installation site.

Skid types:

  • Mesh type skid with detachable roof.
  • Mesh type skid with sectioned roof.

Application Sector:

  • Industry.
  • Oil & Gas.
  • Mining.
  • Utilities and renewable energies.
  • Características generales

    • Analysis and Structural Loads through finite element simulations.
    • Self-supported structures and welded elements in accordance with AWS D1.1_D1.1M
    • Non-destructive tests by END PT "Penetrating inks" tests.
    • Ceiling” detachable mesh modules.
    • Modular systems in the access door.
    • Corridors in expanded mesh avoiding the accumulation of water and guaranteeing the safety of equipment and people.
    • Assurance of elevated equipment that prevents rainwater from entering cells, panels and cable duct.
    • Upper lifting system.
    • Surface preparation by SSPC process.
    • Adhesion Verification by Pull Off Method.
    • Projection of centers of mass that guarantee effectiveness in lifting.
    • Cable duct integrated into the Shelters structure and protected by detachable sheets.
    • Rainwater collection system.
    • Access of equipment by means of sliding sliding doors that allow to rotate and move the modules towards the side.
    • System of boxes embedded in the structure.
    • Applications for low and medium voltage equipment as in transformation centers.
    • Products housed inside:

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