________________CPG.0 cells

Implementations To be used in power systems with busbar currents up to 2000A

General Characteristics The CPG.O cells range offered by ORMAZABAL's CPG system, consists of a set of SF6 insulated GIS type modular cells to configure different primary distribution electrical schemes in medium voltage networks up to 36 kV. Its ability to withstand an internal arc in all its compartments, together with its advanced design that provides insensitivity to external environmental agents, make CPG.O cells the ideal solution to be used in both company-owned and private substations, providing a reliable and safe distribution.

Cell types:
  • CPG.0 -V Circuit-breaker cell.
  • CPG.0 -S Switchgear cell.
  • CPG.0 -F Protection cell with fuses.
  • CPG.0 -C Busbar coupling cell.
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