Cafam Calle 93 Clinic – Bogota

________________Cafam Calle 93 Clinic – Bogota

In the midst of the situation the country is facing because of COVID - 19 and at a time when we need medical centers and hospitals the most. Cafam is betting on its new clinical complex. After its inauguration, Cafam Calle 93 Clinic became part of the health care network in Bogotá. The clinic is located on NQS Avenue (Carrera 30) with Calle 93.

Currently the clinic has a specialized intensive care unit to treat cases of COVID -19 also used in general hospitalization services, operating rooms, clinical laboratory, pathology laboratory, radiology among other health processes.

Characterized by having the latest generation equipment such as our insulation switchboards for hospital use,, which are specialized for the intensive care unit, developed 100% by Industrias Ectricol and with the highest engineering to ensure the proper functioning of energy distribution. Allowing patient and medical staff protection from micro-discharges.

Project characteristics:

  • •7.5 KVA insulation switchboard.

  • •8 bipolar circuits.

  • •3 wires ( 2 phases + earthing busbar).

  • •Metal enclosure.

  • •Totalizer.

  • •Insulation transformer - 2F-208v/120V de 7.5 KVA.

  • •Line Insulation Monitors, Circuit Fault Locator System.

  • •Remote alarm (of vital equipment).

  • •Busbar and wiring.

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