________________Fiberglass Electric House

It is mainly used at airports in radio aid projects such as the Instrument Landing System (ILS), where a completely frangible structure is required (in the event of an aircraft collision) and that meets all safety standards.   Characteristics SAFETY
  • 100% frangible.
  • 100% factory tested equipment.
  • Low implementation cost.
  • Useful in temporary and permanent installations.
  • PRFV Power Center.
  • Tray system on request.
  • Polyester enclosure reinforced with fiberglass.
  • Panels made of Roving threads with polyester resin.
  • Thermal insulation in EPS.
  • Surface finish on request.
  • SKID Type Base.
  • HVAC System.
  • Distribution switchboard.
  • Equipotential grounding system.
  • Type of Enclosure: Fiberglass reinforced polyester
  • Base: SKID Type
  • Degree of Protection: Up to IP 54
  • Surface Finish: As required by the Client
  • Dimensions: According to customer specifications.
  • Insulation: Thermal – Acoustic.
  • Access: Through anti-panic lock.
  • Systems: Lighting, HVAC and security
  • Essential Characteristic: Frangible
  • Equipment integration: INDUSTRIAS ECTRICOL S.A.S. product portfolio, communication systems, antennas, navigation and UPS technology.
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